"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lego, Letterman vs McCain, Larry Munson, Wario Land, and Keating Five

Lego Yankee Stadium - Built by Sean Kenney over the course of three years using 45,700 bricks. The scale is 1:150 and is 60'' x 66'' x 14''. Very cool. Lego should consider buying it for one of their parks or something. Click the link for a full gallery.

Letterman Tears McCain A New One - McCain "suspended" his campaign to pretend to go to Washington and do Senator stuff that he has not bothered to do 80% of the time. He also cancelled his appearance on Letterman. It turns out, as the video shows, that McCain wanted to appear on The Evening News instead. So basically McCain was so concerned about the financial crisis, getting negotiations on the bailout on track...that he had time to make stop in New York to discuss his plan to go to Washington. Much like Palin, it seems the only real action that McCain is capable of is calling a press conference.

UGA's Larry Munson Retires - After 42 years the voice of the dogs is calling it quits. The reason is declining health which apparently got worse considering how sudden the announcement was. Hopefully, if the Georgia Bulldogs make it the national championship, he will be able to do one last game.

Jack Thompson Disbarred in Florida - The Florida Supreme Court has officially decided to disbar him. Of course Thompson is threatening to sue, some nonsense about "owning a Bar". The man's knowledge of the law seems to be based on what he believes it should be rather then how it is. For those that don't know, Thompson has been on a crusade to ban video games he doesn't like and his tactics has been the root cause to the disbarment. Let's just hope no other state accepts his credentials.

Wario Lands Destroys YouTube Page - Cute means of promoting the game has the trailer running and the explosions and crashes cause the page itself to fall apart. Embedding the video wouldn't do it just so make sure to check out the page.

Keating Five Scandal in 97 Seconds - A nice summary of the scandal that McCain was involved in. He claims it was just a meeting, it was more then that. The scandal was a result of that last time the government needed to do a bailout (tune of $500 billion) thanks to lack of regulation and illegal behavior on Wall Street.

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