"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain, Palin and Biden

McCain and Palin Couric Interview - Another interview between Couric and Palin, this time with McCain himself there to babysit, another minor disaster. Partly because Palin continues to sound incompetent, but this time with an assist from McCain over "gotcha questions." Apparently it’s not right to ask a VP candidate about how they would handle Pakistan. How dare someone expect a VP to have thought about foreign policy! If Palin cannot handle the press, then the American people cannot expect her to handle national affairs nor heads-of-states.

Republicans Continue to Blame Pelosi - As a sign that Republicans just don't seem to get it, they continue to drum the beat that hurt feelings do to Pelosi's floor speech (see below and play the game of trying to find the offensive words). Do they not realize that they are essentially saying they put their own personal feelings ahead of the needs of the country?

Credit Crunch Starts Hitting "Main Street" - As a sign of why the bailout is needed, "Main Street" is starting to feel the credit crunch. Sadly, yes the bailout will mostly benefit the rich, but sadly without those happy rich, we tend to have failed businesses which lead to higher jobless rates which help no one. No credit for "Main Street" means businesses can't grow or ride out the bad times to prosperity. It also prevents new businesses from starting. Net result is stagnation which always leads to business failures.

Biden's Debate Strategy - It’s sad but true, but expectations for Palin's debate success is pretty much zero. Essentially if she shows up and answers one question coherently, the debate will be a success for her. The problem is that means that Biden actually has to walk a strange little tightrope. He attacks her, he is perceived as a bully. He doesn't correct her though and counter arguments, he is perceived as weak. So a dance is needed that allows her to look incompetent and by extension McCain while not causing a sympathetic backlash. It’s sad, people want her judged by the standards any VP candidate would be judged by yet when it comes to actually doing that it becomes "Whoa, slow down, no beating up on the little lady please." Essentially they want it both ways and I can't agree with that.

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