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Friday, September 19, 2008

Mega Man 9 Release Date, Bailouts, Email Hack and Flashpoint

Mega Man 9 Dated - The game, which will cost $9.99, will be released on the WiiWare starting September 22 or Playstation Network starting 9/25, or on XBox Live starting 10/1.

"The Moral Imbalance of Bailout" - From Buzzmachine, it pretty much summarizes how bizarre American's and the government can be when it comes to bailouts. If it’s for individuals experiencing disasters due to say fire or health, we pretty much have a "let them eat cake" attitude. If it’s a large disaster affecting many, we do a bailout - pay for a new house, pay to relocate, whatever. If a company that needs help, it apparently seems to depend on how many lobbyist and big wigs might be impacted. Otherwise, again "let them eat cake."

More on Palin's Email Hack - Little bit more information on the hack of Sarah Palin's yahoo account that was used as her government account. It discusses security is a reason that gov accounts should be used and not just as a means to skirt the law. Why the press isn't ripping her a new one on this issue after Rove is beyond me. It is just a shame we are stuck with screenshots because I get the feeling that mailbox held some incriminating evidence.

Flashpoint Renewed - In a bit of amazement, CBS decided to renew its co-production with Canada's YTV for another season. Usually these summer shows are burn offs that get cancelled after. I am please though as I like the show.

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  1. TFLive, thanks for the heads up on the Mega Man 9 release. It's so awesome that the game is completely old-school in every sense of the term.

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