"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Penny, McCain Quits, Free Sarah, and Lego Diorama

New Penny Designs - Starting next year, the Treasury Department will produce new pennies with four designs that invoke President Lincoln. Each design will come out about three months apart starting on Lincoln's birthday (2/12).

McCain Campaign Manager Lobbyist for Freddie Mac - As a continued sign of the McCain's ownership by lobbyist, it has been discovered that his campaign manager, Rick Davis, has been getting paid $15,000 up to last month to help lobby for the company. Keep in mind while campaigning for McCain, during the bailout of Freddie Mac and the years previous to block attempts to reform the mortgage industry to prevent exactly was occurred. McCain is claiming he is the man to fix the economy but how can he when his advisors are those that helped pave the way?

McCain Suspends Campaign - In a dramatic bit of pandering, McCain has decided to suspend his campaign (and avoid Friday's debates) to supposedly help fix the bailout plan that is being debated in Washington. Republicans want a blank check, Democrats want restrictions and oversight. McCain has already said he is anti regulation so what is he going to add to the discussion. Now, you can claim he isn't pandering but considering he has missed voting in the Senate 80% of the time, clearly lawmaking isn't a priority for him. As a side note, it occurs to me that this move gives McCain the excuse to move Friday's debate towards the end of October so that the final debate people will remember is one that plays to his strengths (foriegn policy) rather then his weakness (domestic policy).

Free Sarah Palin - Campbell Brown initiated a call to allow Sarah Palin to actually do Vice-Presidential things like talk to the press. She phrased it in terms of sexism. I don't think McCain is being sexist, he just doesn't trust Palin to handle the press. Of course many claim she should be sheltered because of the poor mean biased press. My response is if she can't handle that mean biased press, then she has no business being in the White House.

Life and Chuck Season Premiere Episodes - Click the link to find the first episodes of the season for Life and Chuck. I highly recommend both enjoyable programs and personally looking forward to their return to the airwaves.

Lego Star Wars Diorama - Click the link for pics of a diorama between the evil Empire and the Rebellion using Legos built at a 1:200 micro scale.

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