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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Peanuts, XBox 360, Gremlins 3, Weekend Box Office, and Browser Speed Tests

Peanuts Animator Dies - Bill Melendez, the animating master (and voice) that brought Peanuts to life, died Tuesday at the age of 91. His Peanuts work earned him 8 Emmy Awards, 17 Emmy nominations, one Oscar Nomination and two Peabody Awards. Grand total for he helped created 63 half-hour specials, five one-hour specials, 4 features films, and 372 commercials using Peanuts characters including the classis of A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and A Boy Named Charlie Brown. He is also the voice behind fan favorites Snoopy and Woodstock. Next time you’re enjoying a Peanuts cartoon, now you know the man to thank.

XBox 360 Price Drop - Microsoft has made official what everyone has knew about for weeks, a $50 price drop. Starting September 5th, the 360 Arcade is $199, the 60GB is $299 and the 120GB is $499.

Gremlins Add To Movies - Fan made video that inserts the Gremlins nearly seamlessly into Batman, Indiana Jones, Exorcist and a few other movies.

Weekend Box Office - Slow weekend at the movies but money was still made. Tropic Thunder remained at #1 with $14.2M, new Van Diesel movie, Babylon AD, only made $12M. The low dollars is likely due to a neat looking trailer that explained absolutely nothing about the plot of the film. Dark Knight finally topped over the $500M domestic mark, making it only the second movie in history to do that. Still has $95M to go to beat Titanic. House Bunny was fourth with $10.7M and Traitor with $10M.

Beta Browser Speed Tests - With Google Chrome entering the browser arena, Lifehacker decided to test the beta versions of Firefox 3.1, Chrome 0.2 and IE8. It’s not a usability test just speed. While Chrome had a faster startup, Firefox loaded 8 tabs faster, IE was slowest for JavaScript loads, and Firefox used the least amount of system memory. Over all the differences in time amounted to just a second or two so for those that only care about speed, it really doesn't matter which you use.

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