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Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell, Palin on SNL, Map of Voting Tech, and Bachman

Colin Powell Endorses Obama - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell officially announced his endorsement of Obama as President. While the pundits spent Sunday and today making noises about it (and republicans condemned it or dismissed it as racial), I can't help but wonder what the big deal is. After the disaster of Iraq, Powell has little credibility and at this late in the game does anyone really believe that the fence sitters where waiting for Powell before making a decision? I don't. I think the result of this is free publicity for Obama and not much else. Little voters are going to be swayed by the endorsement making it valueless beyond bragging rights.

Real Sarah Palin on SNL - Governor Palin showed up on SNL this weekend and the result was a ho-hum effort at best despite the able assistance of Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Mark Walhberg. The cause seems the just lack of humor that was conveyed. The sketches where about making fun of SNL rather then making fun of Sarah Palin and the political process (the usual pastime when politicians show up on SNL). Whether this is because Palin vetoed such an attempt or the writers themselves is unknown. Considering she needed the assist of no less then 7 other players to help in her sketches I am thinking she (or the McCain camp) vetoed most of the ideas leading to the dull result that aired.

Map of Voting Technology - Click the link for a map that breaks down the technology that the various states are using this November to help in the election. In general, the more tech, the easier to hack but the less likely that voter error will occur. The suggestion seems to be a trade off is the result. Personally I am all for the tech as long as paper record is required with every vote that is randomly audited to verify that electronic record matches. All the talk about ACORN, the problem in securing voter integrity isn't making sure that people that don't exist doesn't get on the voter rolls, its making sure that legitimate voters do vote and their vote is counted correctly. A hacked machine can undo thousands of votes and only requires one person. ACORN's efforts would require hundreds if not thousands of people to execute their so-called plan of voter fraud. Which do you think is more likely to occur?

Michelle Bachmann: Liberal = Anti-American - In McCain's quest to paint Obama as terrorist, Bachmann went a bit too far (as if she wasn't already) by claiming that essentially all liberals are anti-American. She went so far as to suggest that her fellow Congressmen should be investigated for being un-American. I am betting she would have loved the McCarthy era. She is up for re-election. Anyone that thinks sharing a contrary viewpoint is un-American shouldn't be holding office.

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