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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dow Jones, Lego Battleshift, Tilt Shift Videos, and Panetierre PSA

Dow Jones Rebounds a Touch - Monday the stocks rebounded a record 976 points after news that banks around the world, including the US, where going to be partially nationalized in an effort to avoid a depression. One day does not a turnaround make, so the road ahead remains long.

Lego Battleship - Click the link for gallery of the HMS Hood, a Royal Navy battlecruiser built in 1920 made completely out of Legos. It took about 7 months to build and around 100000 bricks.

Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Videos - Link to several videos that show people at various locations that has a model look to it thanks to use of shift lenses.

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Howard Out, Cheadle In for Iron Man 2 - The role of Jim Rhodes, War Machine, is being re-cast due to Terrence Howard and Marvel being unable to reach an agreement on money. More then likely Howard asked for a crap ton of money and Marvel said pass. Marvel is new to the movie making business but already they are off to a good start by playing hard ball on issues such as this. While I liked Howard's performance, the simple fact is it was not and would not be critical to any future success of the franchise making him easily replaceable.

Hayden Panetierre PSA - Funny video that has Hayden sarcastically asking for people to vote for John McCain. For some reason I found the way she says "f$@ck" to be the best part of the video, but then I have a bit of a crush.
See more Hayden Panettiere videos at Funny or Die

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