"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Debate Wrap-Up

The final Presidential Debate has ended and all that remains is for people to shut up and put up by voting. The feel of the debate was different. John McCain's goal was less selling why to vote for him and more about saying why not to vote for Barack Obama. For Obama the goal was to sell himself and to deflect McCain's attacks.

The result is on the substance and the issues, Obama was the clear victor of the debate. On creating seeds of doubt, I give the win to McCain. At this point, frankly there is no excuse for someone to be undecided. If someone hasn't made a decision by now, they are either incapable of making a decision or looking for an excuse to commit to a choice they have already made. Usually that excuse doesn't have much to it and often based on something negative which only helps McCain. Time will tell if my thoughts on this bear out. Overall though, the "inexperienced" Obama managed to beat McCain three times out of three.

On a side note, its interesting to hear all the pundits spend the last few weeks make the argument I made way back in January on what the election should and is about - the middle class.

Debate video
Compare Candidates on Issues and Fact Check Debate

CNN Poll - based on 620 debate viewers
Won debate: 58% Obama, 31% McCain
Favorable Opinion: Obama - 63% before, 66% after; McCain - 51% before, 49% after
Handle economy better: 59% Obama, 35% McCain
Better job on taxes: 56% Obama, 41% McCain
Better on health care: 62% Obama, 31% McCain
Better expressed views: 66% Obama, 25% McCain
Stronger leader: 48% Obama, 25% McCain
Time attacking: 7% Obama, 80% McCain
Like typical politican: 35% Obama, 54% McCain

CBS Poll - based on 638 uncommitted voters
Won debate: 53% Obama, 22% McCain, 25% Tie
Trusted on health care: Obama - 61% bfore, 68% after; McCain - 27% before, 30% after
Will raise taxes: 65% Obama, 50% McCain
Share their values: Obama - 54% before, 64% after; McCain - 52% before, 55% after
Trusted in crisis: Obama - 50% before, 63% after; McCain - 78% before, 82% after
Trusted on enonomy: Obama - 54% before, 65% after; McCain - 38% before, 48% after
Understands needs, problems: Obama - 66% before, 76% after; McCain - 36% before, 48% after

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