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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Politics, Terminator, Dunst and Box Office

McCain, Healthcare Question - For once an editorial board of a newspaper made itself useful when it asked a pretty important question of McCain: "Throughout your adult life, am I right, as a veteran and a member of Congress and now someone over sixty five, throughout your adult life have you been covered by a taxpayer-financed health care plan?" McCain has spent his entire life on public paid health insurance and seems to like it yet doesn't want the same for the average American.

Sarah Palin A Good Debater - The Huffington Post has provided a pretty good point that Palin will actually be a threat at tomorrow's debate, ironically because of her lack of knowledge. As the clips below show, she is good at giving "pageant" answers that sound good to the ear but are actually vacant and lack no real information or detail. It’s also the exact kind of answers the electorate tends to eat up and not analyze and is hard to combat without appearing like a bully.

Terminator Canceled? - The news has been rather bleak so far for returning shows this season as the fall out from the strike continues without most shows losing viewers including the Sarah Connor Chronicles. The problem for the Monday shows is pretty straight forward - they are all competing for the same audience (geek, male, cash flush) that are usually watching football or watching one of the other programs they like (Heroes, One Tree Hill, Two & a Half Men). You would think a TV exec would have enough sense to try to a new night first before swinging the ax. It’s worked for other programs (see House), why not try it again.

Kirsten Dunst Up for Spider-Man 4 - In a no brainer, Dunst is up for reprising her role of Mary Jane. Currently Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are considering it but probably the only sticking point is the amount of money being thrown at them. For Dunst, thanks to the realization by the public that her acting is subpar and she is starting to get a "worn" look thanks to her personal life hijinks, it’s probably the only real work she will get for a while.

Weekend Box Office - A few days late, but here you go. Shia LaBeouf's Eagle Eye (logically makes no sense but very entertaining) took the top spot with $29.2M. Nights in Rodanthe (boring, slow, but the missus will owe you a big one if you behave through it) took in $13.5M. Lakeview Terrace (it was ok, Jackson chews the scenery as always) sat at third with $7.0. Fireproof managed to snag fourth ($6.5M) and Burn After Reading (crap, crap, crap) took fifth ($6.1M).

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