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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nintendo DSi, Cox Three Strikes, Fox News Funny and More Palin

Nintendo Announcements - Click the link for a summary of information that came out from Nintendo as it shows its cards for the next year. The highlights include a new version of the DS called DSi, Club Nintendo for North America, Wii Speak Channel (with peripheral), "hard drive" solution, and new games including Punch Out!!. The DSi is about the same as current DS but has slightly larger screen, no GBA slot, two cameras, SD slot, and 12% thinner.

Cox Three Strikes Policy - In a sign that people either need to complain or switch carriers, Cox Communications has instituted a three strikes DMCA Policy that has no basis on the law. In collusion with the RIAA and MPAA, they will cut off internet service to any one that gets three DMCA notices. The problem, other then they don't have to do that, is that those notices are usually not based on any real proof, just a suspicion. It’s a large reason why the RIAA keeps losing most of its copyright cases. It’s a bad policy, setting a bad precedent that can only lead to these companies becoming more big brother and charging more for less. Keep in mind that a bandwidth cap is probably on the horizon and this kind of crap only encourages it when customers don't react.

"It's Split" - Fox News either can't count or desperate to make the race closer then it is (which isn't fair nor balanced but good for ratings). The reporter asks for a show of hands of who is voting for who and gets none for McCain, most for Obama and says "It's split" which results in people in the room laughing at him. The guy either isn't very bright or is trying to be ironic.

Another Cafferty Comment on Palin - Once again CNN's John Cafferty lays it out there on exactly what is wrong with Sarah Palin. She claims to be want to be treated like any other candidate (while crying foul when they do) but sometimes the truth hurts. She is clearly incompetent of Bushian levels. The fear isn't VP Palin; the fear is if it becomes President Palin.

Parker Starting to Feel the Pain - Kathleen Parker did something rather extraordinary for Republicans last week. She actually disagreed with party leadership and said that Palin should step down as a VP candidate. Dissent is no-no of the party where individual opinions are frowned upon when not first derived from party leadership and the result was apparently a rather violent backlash of "Dixie Chicks" levels, at least for Parker. Funny how she finally gets what people like me has been complaining about for years.

Diebold vs. Homer Simpson - Hilarious spoof of the notorious flaky Diebold machines (always to Republican favor) from this year's annual Treehouse of Horror episode.

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