"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, October 06, 2008

Post VP Debate Fun

SNL Palin / Biden Skit - Hilarious skit where Tina Fey once again becomes Palin with eerie accuracy. The skit skewers both VP candidates and pretty scathing to boot.

Palin Debate Prep Flow Chart - Funny picture from that pretty much summarizes Palin's entire debate strategy. While people compliment her "exceeding expectations" short of her crying on stage I don't know how she could not have. Her answers to questions not asked lacked substance, her need to change the conversation when she didn't have a canned response, and inability to think on her feet did nothing to make me think she is capable of leading a PTA meeting much less the country.

David Letterman's Debate Recap - The Late Show editor's had fun mashing up words from Sarah Palin during the debate to create some rather funny statements from her own mouth. A tool I am sure the McCain camp may copy in their attempt to change the campaign conversation into Obama's character rather then the problems the country is facing.

Dow Takes Another Tumble - Speaking of issues, the Dow Jones took an 800 point nose dive dropping below 10000 points for the first time since October 24, 2003. It’s being read as a sign that the bailout bill isn't going to address the credit problems mostly because of lack of confidence in the government. As I said before, the stock market is 1 part data, 3 parts illusion and this is a further example about how that plays. Currently there is zero information to support or contradict this lack of confidence but sadly once people doubt, it tends to feed itself creating self-profiling prophecies.

"Make Believe Maverick" - An article from Rolling Stone that pretty much summarizes the history of John McCain. In essence he was an incompetent pilot (crashed multiple planes), who caved to the Vietcong (multiple "confessions", while other POWs didn't), exaggerates his war experience and record (not much), womanizing, and just a generally petty man whose history of being a maverick is backed only by words but not by deeds.

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  1. so THAT's why they were trying so hard to keep Palin away from live TV coverage...