"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Special Comment: McSmear's Campaign

Keith Olbermann aired another special comment last night, this time focused on the McCain/Palin ticket's choice of renewing its campaign of distraction. Rather then focus on say the economy, McCain and Palin have instead decided to play a bizarre game of connect the dots. The basic argument is Ayers set off bombs that killed no one when Obama was 8. 40+ years later Obama attended a part that Ayers happened to host. So by the Republican Transitive Property of Terrorism, since Ayers is a terrorist, and Obama went to his house, Obama must support terrorism.

Now if we consider the Republican Transitive Property as political law, which McCain and Palin clearly do, then this brings us to Keating. The man caused the last economic fiasco that cost around $500 billion in bailouts. He helped destroy the lives of thousands of families and businesses which sounds like a form of terrorism to me. McCain attempted to block investigations into Keating because of his support of his campaign. So by the above rule, if Keating is a terrorist, McCain attempted to circumvent the law to protect Keating, then McCain must support terrorism.

Palin's turn. Palin credits a clergyman with her ascension to becoming Governor. The clergyman was a witch doctor in Kenya where he cause the death of a woman by claming she was a witch. That sounds like terrorism to me. So terrorist "clergyman" who helped kill a woman. Palin supports this "clergyman". By the Republican Transitive Property, Palin supports terrorism.

So again, by the Republican transitive property, we have two supports of terrorists running for President and one for VP. So the question then becomes which is worse. The "terrorist" that killed no one (Obama) or the one that destroyed unknown number of lies very much like what is happening right now (McCain).

Know I don't think any of the above is true but if McCain wants to play this game of smearing by the transitive property, he really needs to sweep around his own door first. Anyway, the transcript of the comment is here, video below.

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