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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watchman and Friday the 13 Teasers

Watchman Teaser Trailer II - Another teaser trailer for Watchman that aired with the Spike Awards. It is a mix of new footage and same footage from the first teaser. I have read the graphic novel and if they manage to properly translate the movie and keep its themes intact my hats will be off to them. The trailers continue to count on images to sell the movie rather then story which doesn't bode well. On the bridge side this trailer shows more of the gorgeous Malin Akerman. Embedding has been disabled so just click the link above to see it.

Friday the 13th Teaser Scene - As part of the Spike Awards, a scene from the movie aired. I continue to remain unsold on the "reinvention" of the franchise in part because Jason doesn't look threatening enough and in part because horror movies of late have been a bit dull.

Friday the 13th: Exclusive First Look

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