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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Circuit City, Scientology,. Geek Collections, and Ranking Presidents

Circuit City Closing Stores - The electronic stores announced it is closing 155 stores out of 600. Strangely it seems in many cases they are nearly abandoning entire states making me wonder if this is a repeat of CompUSA's mistakes of cutting off limbs rather then surgical strikes to remove weak stores. While the economy can be blamed for this nail, the coffin has been built by a series of horrible CEO's who where more focused on building useless numbers for bonuses then creating meaningful and long term results for the companies health. I give the company at most another two years before they fail entirely.

How to Buy an HDTV - A link on what to do when buying a new TV in this day and age. It use to be just look for a big size in your price range. Now its size of the room, contrast ratios, plasma vs. LCD, contrast ratios and bunches of other crap that can make a difference on a smart purchase or a mistake. I want a new TV but at this point I am in no hurry.

Scientology Protest Turns Ugly - In usual Scientology practice, they took a protest that few knew about and made it an online sensation that many know about. How stupid can they be? Well how about a video of security guards roughing up to protesters on camera. Yep, they are really that damn dumb. That isn't even the whole detestable story either; click the link for the video and the details.

7 Most Impressive Geek Collections - From Cracked, a run down of both amazing and rather strange collections. An awesome boxed Transformers collection, super soakers, all things Pikachu, dice, video game crap, barbies, and Star Wars.

Ranking of US Presidents - From UK Times, a ranking of all US presidents from best to worst. Top three best: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Worse: James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, and Martin Van Buren. George W. Bush was ranked 6th worse (time and history will probably bump him up a few).

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