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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leiberman Lives, Witch Mountain, Auto Bailout, Lego Safe and Voltron

Lieberman Remains On Chair - As a sign of just how wimpy the Democrat party is, Joe Lieberman remains as the chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee. Lieberman spent the last two years campaigning tirelessly for McCain and spent the last eight supporting Bush on most of his economic and foreign polices decisions that have been nothing but disasters. So the lesson is do what you want, the Democrats will embrace you anyway. I have a feeling that Obama and company are going to regret the decision as I seriously doubt that Joe will be as inclined to rubberstamp Obama plans and will be much more inclined to launch "investigations" on an Obama administration.

Race to Witch Mountain Trailer - A remake of the 1979 classic "Escape to Witch Mountain" that involved two siblings with special powers and lots of naïveté trying to learn about their own origins by going to the mountain but people trying to use those powers for own ends get in the way. A pretty straight forward allegory of kids trying to learn about themselves as they go through childhood (or to a mountain). If the remake is any indication, the writer's didn't get that as the kids know everything, fully capable and seem to have the adults tagging along for comedy relief as things go boom.

Auto Industry Questions - From CNN, key concerns or questions that need answers in deciding if the auto industry gets $25 billion in bailout money. At this point I am thinking no more bailouts. The money has been spent poorly and done little to turn the economy around. The band aid might as will get ripped off at once rather the limping along to an inevitable end. In this case though, the auto industry played a large part in their own fall. They chose to go gas guzzlers when the signs said don't. They chose to bed themselves with oil rather then seek out new sources of energy. They also chose to abuse their work force way back when resulting in the union-chained industry that can barely fart without a union official signing off on it. A bankruptcy might allow those chains to be removed and essentially start over. The market has already been conceded to Honda, Toyota, etc. A start over might be what they need to repair their pathetic reputations.

Lego Safe - Video of a Lego safe that actually works and well constructed.

Time-Lapse Voltron Painting - Cute video that shows the creation of a painting of Voltron, a favorite toy from my childhood.

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