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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MegaMan Trailer, Box Office, Out of Business Non-Sales, and Palin Montage

Fan MegaMan Movie Trailer - An amusing trailer for a MegaMan movie based off the first game of the long running series. Interesting to me is the heavy use of the Transformers soundtrack throughout the trailer.

Weekend Box Office - To the surprise of no one, Twilight rules the box office with a $70.6M take. The movie had generally horrible reviews making fun of pretty much every aspect of the film from story to overall execution. The movie should take a huge nosedive next week but those crazy tweens could defy that expectation. Second went to Quantum of Solace with $27.4M and a 60% drop from the previous weekend. That was probably a result of a near universal bitch slap from reviewers and viewers for its piss poor editing style. Bolt first week took in an ok $27M, clearly damaged by its targeted demographics going to Twilight instead. Madagascar 2 dropped to 4 with $16M and 5th went to Role Models ($7.2M).

Going Out of Business Warnings - Click the link for a video and article that warns that when companies go out of business, the deals may not be so good as it seems on the surface. The reason is usually the companies sell out to liquidators who in turn run the going out of business bargains. Like any company the goal is to maximize profits and to do that means eliminating any previous deals and drops in prices and using the MSRP or higher as the go buy for those percentages off. The net result is a deal may not be a deal. So first off don't even bother going by these stores until the percentage off hits at least 30% or more. Second, research those prices. Don't assume the deal is good until you know it for a fact with a quick online look at other retailers. Finally, remember the stuff is non-returnable so if its something like a TV or the like, it might be worth paying that extra $50 or at a place not going out of business for piece of mind.

Home Prices Show Record Decline - New information shows that its just getting worse. Price values are dropping for the obvious reasons that people want to sell their house but can't. People either can't afford to buy them thanks to the credit crunch, and of course the current job market makes such a purchase gamble a bit risky. I wonder if anyone has bothered to do a crime analysis of areas showing such price problems. I bet there would be a correlation.

Daily Show Sarah Palin Montage - From the Daily Show, a montage of their greatest bits and clips involving that Bush in drag, Sarah Palin.

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