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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Harry Potter Trailer, Box Office, Bailout, and No to Lieberman

New Harry Potter Trailer - A new trailer is out for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price. This one will probably be the most interesting to see translated to film considering its relatively boring compared to the rest since its real subtitle could be the Origin of Voldemort.

Weekend Box Office - Quantum of Solace ruled the weekend with a franchise record $71 million weekend. Its staying power will be determined next weekend. My opinion is there was a good movie but it was edited to death and it seems reviewers and such agree. I expect more then a 50% drop between this weekend and the next. Madagascar 2 took in another $36.1M, Role Models took in $11.7M.

Three Mayors Need Bailout - The mayors of Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix have asked the Treasury to give them a piece of the $700 billion bailout do to growing financial crisis. All the cities have already cut back on hours, pay and spending but expect to have hundreds of millions is deficit spending.

GM Shockwave - An article that points out just how important GM is to the economy. Not because of its car sales but the domino effect. If GM fails, so will hundreds of suppliers, manufactures, dealers and pretty much any company dependent on them for survival. This of course means thousands of jobs. Those lost jobs will only increase the economic stranglehold on this country. At the way things are going, with retailers holding their breath for Christmas, it’s now a battle to simply avoid a Depression.

Maddow Makes Case On Lieberman - Probably to the surprise of no one, the Democrats have decided to essentially wuss out and let Lieberman keep his committee chair on the powerful Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee despite making it clear that in this area he is 100% Republican. The reason they are considering it is the mythical 60 senators needed to avoid a filibuster. As Rachel Maddow explains, that simply isn't enough of a reason to just remove him.

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