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Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Watchmen Trailer, TV Cancellations and the Bailout

New Watchmen Trailer - A new trailer for the movie coming out next March. It’s essentially a brand new trailer, new music, many new scenes and so forth. I am still not sold on the movie but I am sold on Malin Akerman who has simply never looked better so I will likely be there on day one.

TV Cancellations - The networks are still reeling from the strike with many shows way down from pre-strike levels. The result is cancellations. Rumors are that Fox is canning Prison Break, has already cancelled King of the Hill and dropping MadTV after its 14 season run. NBC cancelled My Own Worse Enemy and Lipstick Jungle. Over at ABC, rumors are that Pushing Daisies will complete its ordered 13 episodes and then that too is done.

American Express Bailout - It seems the credit card companies and their 30% rates are starting to feel the pain. Much like mortgages, rather then figure out ways to at least get some of their money back (say with lower interest rates but dropped max credit limits) they just keep cranking up the rates. The result is people are defaulting on their cards just like they did their loans and doing it in numbers that have nearly drowned both Capital One and American Express. As a result Am Ex has been approved to become a bank so it can get some of that bailout money. Money btw that is now being diverted to businesses only and not to consumers. This I could agree with if they forced these businesses to renegotiate the debt owed by consumers but it’s all essentially no strings attached money.

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