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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Consumerist, Watchmen, Hall of Shame, Movie Effects and G-Force Trailer

Comsumerist Bought - In a match made in heaven, Consumers Union (Consumer Reports) bought Comsumerist.com, an excellent website that posts all thing in people buying of stuff and the stores that sell them. If the site isn't on your daily read list, I recommend adding it as its a great watchdog for all those business' who see their goal more as simply the taking of money rather then providing good reasons for people to happily give up their money.

Watchmen Character Introduction - A four minute video that provides a brief introduction to the story of Watchmen and the characters. The movie comes out in March, but that could change thanks to litigation as Fox tries to have its cake for free after sitting on the movie right for 20 years and doing nothing meaningful with them. Fox is shooting to get everything for free at WB's expense. I think the judge’s decision should be the Solomon approach - divide the rights (and the costs) between both studios.
Watchmen Exclusive

Hall of Shame - A nice summary of the shameful American's of the last year. Probably my only disagreement is Sarah Palin. She deserves to be in the list, but not at number 2. She is clearly Bush in drag and the idea of her leading anything meaningful is frightening but thankfully she hasn't actually done anything yet.

Top 50 Movie Special Effects - A real long list, with too short videos that showcase the special effects in movies over the years. My main complaint is the videos are way to short, not entirely showcasing the effect the article is describing.

G-Force Trailer - Cute trailer for a Disney movie, out July 24th, aimed at grabbing the kids and their family so they don't go watch Transformers 2 coming out two days later. Basically the movie is talking guinea pig spies save the planet from a bad guy.

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