"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jib Jab Year in Review, Street Fighter Trailer, Box Office, Vegas Woes and Treehouses

Jib Jab Year in Review - Amusing original music video from the website that covers the mostly political happenings of the last year.

Street Fighter Trailer - The Legend of Chun-Li movie is coming next year and now the first trailer (Japanese anyway) is out. The result is bleh at best. It looks like a typical action/hung-fu flick from the last few years to me where the lead is the hotty from Smallville that can't act (Kristin Kreuk). I think the only thing they took from the video games series was a few names and the title.

Weekend Box Office - Much money was made for the Christmas holiday overall (Thursday to Sunday). Number one went to Benjamin Button ($66.7M) despite its three hour runtime. Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories dropped in at second ($66.5M) despite horrible reviews that children could care less about. Marley and Me took number third ($51.5M), guaranteeing that Jennifer Aniston will continue to get headlines for no particular reason. Valkyrie did pretty good ($51.2M) for a history flick with so-so ratings and Tom Cruise (whose career has passed it seems). New flick The Spirit got its ass kicked ($16.9M) in part to crappy advertising campaign, some of the most horrible reviews for any movie in the last few years and the reality that Frank Miller is now officially a hack.

Las Vegas Recession Woes - It appears even the city of sin can not escape the economic hit cause by Wall Street run amok (thanks again Republicans!). The city faces a $1 billion budget shortfall, a jump from .4% to 8% unemployment rate that is likely to go up, and a slowdown across the board in all areas of revenue that has no end in site. When budgets are pinched vacations, especially gambling ones, are the first to go.

Amazing Treehouses - Click the link for a gallery of some cool looking and elaborate treehouses.

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