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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NBC Changes, J*** in My Pants, Dragonball and Terminator Trailers

NBC Scaling Back Hours - It seems last place NBC has decided to throw in the towel considering the complete failure over the last two years to try and compete with the other networks. Part of that plan is to completely abandon the 10-11pm primetime slot to Jay Leno in an effort to save money. Basically they are going to operate how Fox does it seems only with incompetent leadership. NBC's problem is pretty simple, they keep trying to compete 1 to 1 instead of counter programming. It doesn't help they keep trying to get the key 18-34 demographic instead of just hoping for any demographic. If they did that, instead of trying to "steal" away another networks viewership, the goal would be to get those not normally watching at that time or watching something on cable and let word of mouth do the heavy lifting. Of course it doesn't help they seem to have a lot of good concept shows probably ruined by too many chefs and executives in the kitchen.

Terminator: Salvation Trailer - The trailer is out, robots are seen, humans are fleeing and I can't help be ho-hum. I think it’s because the trailer has a lot of flash but provides no clue on what the story is about. The trailer is below and a shot by shot breakdown that clears up the faster pieces is here.

Dragonball: Evolution Trailer - The first trailer for the live action movie based on the 90s anime series from Japan. The cartoon was an over the top action fest with a very thin storyline and from the trailer seems to indicate that tradition will continue. I get a bad feeling the movie is going to be a huge acting and storytelling disaster with good special effects.

Jizz In My Pants - Amusing video from SNL staring Andy Samberg, Molly Sims and Jamie Lynn Sigler. As the title suggests, the video is not safe for work.

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