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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prop 8 Musical, Bailout Costs, Mid-Season and Trailers

Prop 8: The Musical - Hilarious star studded skit that makes fun with the controversy surrounding California's Proposition 8. Worth a viewing if only to start picking out the familiar faces.

Cost of Bailout vs Other Government Costs - As the picture to the right shows, the cost of the current bailout (which may get another trillion infusions from somewhere) is greater then the cost of the Marshall Plan, NASA, New Deal (that republicans hate so much), First Iraq War, and several more combined. And from I can tell the net result has been nada. And yes this does take into account inflation. Companies are still shredding employees daily.

TV Mid-Season Plans - The various networks have all released press reports on what changes and mid-season shows are coming in starting in January. Some shows will take a bow early (ER) to make room for new programming. Be sure to click the link for the whole 411.

Caprica Greenlit - The Sci-Fi channel has decided to go ahead with the prequel to Battlestar Galactica that is set 50 years before its parent series. The family themed series will star Eric Stolz, Esai Morales, and Polly Walker and will focus on Caprica as it deals with emerging AI technology. The show will debut sometime in 2010.

Terminator: Salvation Trailer Sneak - From ET, a very brief glimpse at some of the footage for the trailer that will debut with the Day the Earth Stood Still next week.

Ghostbusters Video Game Trailer - Another trailer for next year's video game. Like most trailers its heavy on the pre-rendered scenes, light on actual game play but the game does look interesting and doesn't hurt that it has most of the cast reprising their roles (at least in voice).

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