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Monday, December 01, 2008

Recession, BF Sales, Apple Jokes, and Star Trek vs Star Wars

Recession Official - While Bush and company have been using terms like "downturn" and the like to pretend the economic situation isn't serious, it seems that the National Bureau of Economic Research isn't so shy. The US has been in a recession since December 2007. So it "only" took a year for the government to acknowledge what the rest of us have known for months. Yay republicans and their trickle down economics and corporations first policies. They work oh so well don't they?

Sales Up, Outlook Isn't - Early reports indicate that sales where up by at least 3% compared to last year but the higher sales doesn't necessarily translate to higher profits since it came at the cost of higher then normal discounts. It also seems that since their is 7 less days to shop then last year and more are reporting they are already finished their Christmas shopping that overall the sales could take a hit before the month is done.

Obama Announces National Security Cabinet - In a mix of friends and foes, Obama has announced more cabinet positions. As rumored for weeks, Hillary Clinton has accepted the Secretary of State position; Robert Gates would remain Defense Secretary, Eric Holder chosen as Attorney General and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. Personally I have no idea if these are good choices or not but at least it’s not the yes-men that filled Bush's cabinet.

Simpsons Jokes On Apple - Last night Simpsons had a high old time making fun of all things Apple. Their stores, excessive pricing, Steve Jobs, items and more were the butt of many on the nose jokes that probably have more then a few Apple diehards unhappy.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: The Final Battle - Fun little mashup of Vader's Star Destroyer vs. Picard's Enterprise. Net result is why the Enterprise's shields and weapons are superior to the Star Destroyer; sadly there is no defense from the dark side of the Force.

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