"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, December 22, 2008

Toyota Hit, No Divorce, VHS Era Ends, Perfect Bid and Night Trailer

Toyota First Loss in 50 Years - You know its bad and only going to get worse when Toyota is reporting its loss in 50 plus years. Yep, further proof that the republican belief of big business first works wonderfully.

8 Year Old Denied Divorce - Because she is too young, a Saudi court denied an 8 year old the right to divorce the 58 year old man her father sold her too for 5000 pounds. Look on the bright side, the man "promised" not to have sex with the girl until she turned 18 and we know how much honor Muslim men have, especially when it comes to woman. This alone is a solid example of why "spreading Democracy" will not fundamentally fix the Middle East.

VHS Era Officially Ends - The last distributer of VHS, Distribution Video Audio, has thrown in the towel and will stop selling VHS tapes. Apparently the company has made millions selling the tapes on the cheap after buying up the stock of companies like Best Buy and Wal-Mart when they switched to DVDs. It’s a sad day but it had to come. It’s just going to suck when DVDs become obsolete considering the hundreds I now own.

Price Is Right Perfect Showcase Bid - In a December episode of the Price is Right a man nails the final showcase value exactly right, the first time it has been done in around 35 years. It’s pretty tragic for his opponent whose guess was only off by $494 enough to normally win the final showcase. Carey's low key almost unemotional response to moment makes you miss Bob Barker even more.

Night At The Museum 2 Trailer - Yep they made another one. The first was cute, loved by kids; barely enough for the adults and it appears the sequel will be more of the same. On the eye candy front it has the recently engaged (damn!) Amy Adams as a co-star. May is going to be one crowded month.

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