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Monday, December 08, 2008

Tribune Bankruptcy, Job Cuts, Fables, Wolverine Trailer and The Dark Knight

Tribune Files for Bankruptcy - As a sign of not only the state of the economy but how newspapers, magazines and "old media" is hurting, Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy due to $13 billion in debt. It is the second largest newspaper publisher in the nation, owning the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and others. Sadly its probably a sign that the traditional newspaper is on its way out, something I feel no remorse for as publishers purposely tried to follow the TV news model of regurgitating the sensational rather then trying to remind people that newspapers (use to) provide more in depth reporting then TV or the internet generally provides.

Most Jobs Cut in 34 Years - The signs keep piling up that once was called a "downturn", now "recession" could easily become a "depression" as jobs keep getting cut. November losses reached a 34 year high. Jobs cuts for the year are the highest in 25 years and there is no sign of it slacking as likely more businesses will close in the new years if Christmas sales don't give them the juice they need to survive. Hey but trickle down economics works right.

DC's Fables Coming to TV - ABC has ordered a pilot episode on the comic books series called "Fables". The comic series involves all the fairy tale characters of our childhood and proposed that not only are they real but many live in New York and have for centuries, driven from their homes by an evil empire. The re-imagined fables in new guises and personalities make for excellent comic books series. Not so sure how well that depth will translate to the small screen that prefers a surface skim.

Wolverine Trailer - A trailer for next year's Wolverine has hit the internet. The overall storyline is the origin of Wolverine as it delves into his Weapon X days that was only hinted at in the X-Men movies.

The Dark Knight Re-release - In the quest for bragging rights, The Dark Knight is being re-released to theatres and IMAX starting January 23rd. Ironic too considering the movies will be out on DVD starting tomorrow and the cost of two theatre tickets is greater then the cost of simply buying the movies outright. The goal is simple - earn another $4 million needed to cross the billion dollar global mark. The only reason to consider seeing it again in theatres is for an IMAX screening and even then probably not worth it (again cheaper to buy it on DVD).

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