"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wiretap Theatre, Bush's Legacy, Golden Globes, KB Boom and Debt

Wiretap Theatre: Blagojevich - Rachel Maddow show had a little fun with the Illinois Senate Sales scandal where the governor tries to pretend what he says and wanted to do wasn't bad or illegal. Once thing is sure though, as the video below shows, it seems the man has no morals.

Bush's Legacy - Currently Bush is on the last leg of his denial tour, the one where he pretends his legacy doesn't mean a thing to him. If that where the case why would talking points needed to be setup in an attempt to sell the complete failure of a President? Click the link for a video of details and a nice summary of Bush's true horrific legacy as the worse President this country has ever had.

Golden Globe Nominations - The awards show released its list of stars the "foreign press" wants to meet. For reasons I don't understand, this show is considered a precursor to the Oscars even thought just a few people make the choice that seems based more on getting star wattage then judgment of talent. Nevermind that the voters for this show press and professional credentials remain questionable at best. Long story short, its a hoax on the movie lovers designed to give people a chance to stare at their favorite stars as they vie to win a meaningless award.

KB Toys Liquidated - Starting more or less immediately, all KB Toy Stores are going out of business. That means if you have KB cards you better use them first thing tomorrow and if have returns do it now because you will not be able to once the liquidation starts. Traditionally the stores always tacked on an extra $2 or so surcharge to their items but prices will probably go further before an X% is knocked off. Long story short, just because it says "out of business" doesn’t assume the deals are good.

Consumer Debt Drops for 1st Time Ever - In a sign that the bottom has yet to be reached, consumers are spending less resulting in less accumulated debt for the first time ever. Less debt is a good thing per person but as a sign of the economy, it’s bad as it shows that people are hunkering down for a long term hit and indicates the economy is unlikely to recover anytime soon. I expect to hear about lots of stores going out of business once the New Year starts.

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