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Monday, December 15, 2008

Wolverine Trailer, Spirit Scenes, God of War II, and Telsa Tested

Wolverine Trailer - The movie is coming May of next year and now the trailer in its pretty glory is online. It looks like the movie is definitely taking an "Origin of" approach so in essence it’s almost a prequel to the main X-Men movies.

The Spirit Scenes - Blackfilm.com has six scenes from The Spirit that is opening on Christmas Day. The scenes seemed more intent on showing off the cast, probably because the monochrome look and bland acting isn't going to do it.

VGA 2008 Trailers - Click the link for teaser trailers for upcoming games that was showing at Spike's crappy video game awards program. The only game that interests me is God of War III.

Top Gear Tests the Tesla - BBC's Top Gear, an excellent show about cars, puts the all electric car the Telsa Roadster through its paces. The end result is a fast, pretty car that is entirely too expensive and unreliable. Like most new technology, its the 2.0 version to watch for, assuming the company can survive getting 1.0 out.

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