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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Final MacWorld Keynote

The Job-less MacWorld keynote was held today and sadly the show closed with a whimper rather then a bang. The focus was essentially on software, with an updated iWork, iLife, a DRM-less iTunes. The only hardware that was introduced was a 17'' Macbook Pro with a new battery and power usage technology and expensive pricetag of $2800.

iLife '09
- $79 upgrade, $99 family pack, out late January and ships on all new Macs
- Update iPhoto 09 with Faces and Places
- Faces essentially tags photos based on facial recognition.
- Places which uses geotagging for photo location and the like. Yay more metadata.
- Basically its a new ways to manage and use photos.
- iMovie updated with more editing options and the like.
- GarageBand 09 updated with basic lessons or ability to purpose lessons from the famous for $5.
- iPhoto video tour
- iMovie video tour

iWork 09
- $79 single user, $99 family pack, $49 with new Mac, out now
- Update to the Mac office suite
- Includes iwork.com which is Apple's answer to Google Docs, ie on the web editing and storing of work documents.
- Works with new iPhone Keynote remote app

17'' MacBook Pro
- $2799, out late January
- 1920 x 1200 display, 700:1 contrast ratio, wide viewing angle
- Has C2D CPUs, up to 8 gigs of RAM, NVIDIA graphics options and can get 256GB SSD
- Uses Apple designed battery to extend life to 8 hours per charge. Built in to laptop so not easily replaced or upgraded.

- Starting in April, three tier pricing structure (essentially demanded by the RIAA)
- $.69 (older, less popular stuff), $.99, and $1.29 (so music companies get more for less)
- Will remove DRM from all songs (no indication if retroactive or not)
- Will add about two million more songs by end of the year for total of 10 million
- Enabled iPhone to download music over 3G rather then just WiFi (will work with Edge too but very slow)

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