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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Links of the Day

Blair House Open...Just Not To Obama - It turns out that all the money being spent with taxpayer money (because of security) keeping the Obama family in a hotel until they can move into the White House was a complete and unnecessary expenditure. The Blair House, normally the temporary home of the President-Elect is unoccupied, was claimed to be in use by the Bush Administration. That turns out not to be true. It will be, but not until next week by a former Australian Prime Minister. Someone who could have been delayed or placed elsewhere considering the Blair House is already configured by the Secret Service to provide the necessary security the President-Elect would need. In other words, just another in a line series of stupid and childish behavior that has marked Bush and his cronies. 14 days to go.

Budget Deficit to Reach $1.2 Trillion - Bush's hefty spending with tax cuts, a huge recession cutting tax revenue, more and more people getting unemployment (a waste to Republicans that should be spent on wars), billion dollar giveaway to banks (with no oversight), billions to car companies (but at least with oversight), and now Obama's spending plan, the debt is going to break untold records. It’s pretty depressing and makes me feel bad for the next generation that has to deal with this load. Thanks to Bush's failed policies, all in the name of giving his rich friends more money, we will all pay the price in ever increasing taxes to pay for this new heavy burdon.

Democrats About to Fold On Burris - It is starting to look like Harry Reid and Senate Democrats on going to fold and let Roland Burris take his Senate seat. The man is probably corrupt considering his friend Blago. Legally they don't have much authority to block his seat but morally they should fight this tooth and nail. Being Democrats thought, why fight when they can tuck tail and run. Reid needs to go. His kind of wimpy leadership isn't helpful during a time when boldness is needed.

New Presidential Limo To Debut - Per tradition, Obama will be transported in a brand new custom made limo for Inauguration Day. Really though it’s less limo and more tank with its state of the art communications, 8 inch doors, thick bullet proof glass and other security to handle a long term siege attempt on the President.

NFL's Yellow Line - Click the link for an interesting but dry explanation on how the first down lines are created for NFL games.
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