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Friday, January 09, 2009

Links of the Day

Open Letter Regarding Watchmen Litigation - Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin issued a letter to the public regarding his perspective of the Watchmen fight between Warner Bros and Fox. He essentially take the moral rather the legal view, pointing out the effort, work, charity, and chances others have taken that allowed the movie to be made. Something that Fox in no way shape or form participated in. As he points out, the extent of the companies’ involvement in getting the film made is to say "no" repeatedly. There is a saying of "Who Dares, Wins". WB dared, they should win the windfall of a successful movie. Fox shouldn't. It’s really that simple. A boycott is being called for Fox films and I have to agree. They are taking a financial stance, so maybe fans should hit them in the wallet.

Top 10 Funniest Stargate: Atlantis Moments - Click the link for the breakdown. It is sad to see this very entertaining show go thanks to NBC's piss poor management.

End Times for Print - An article that covers the rapidly increasing decline of print media in magazine and newspaper form as more and more hit the internet for information. The simple fact is mass media is no longer trusted and now people seek out not just alternative source for information (such as blogs) but more sources of information (say something other then just Fox News). To me this is only a good thing and reporters dismissing it are probably the same ones that accelerated the decline by not doing their jobs and instead simply letting the stories come to them.

Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots - Click the link for about 30 screenshots from the next installment of the Final Fantasy series that may come out this year. The shots are gorgeous, but as often the case, you have to wonder if they are in game movies or shots of actual gameplay. Considering the game is on the PS3, it’s a tossup.

Olivia Munn's CES Day 1 Roundup - I heart the Munn. The girl is gorgeous, smart, hell of a sense of humor and doesn't seem in full of herself. Her blog is entertaining and so are her videos which usually are just her and always game Kevin having fun.

Consumer Debt Dropped $7.9 Billion - Believe it or not, this is a bad thing considering the US economy 2/3 based on people blowing their money on things they don't need. What this indicates is people are cutting back, and cutting back a lot on those things as budgets shrink and job security goes up in smoke (along with retirement funds). The result is the economy will take that much longer to turn around. On the bright side, if people are cutting back in effective manner, they will be financially more secure when the recession ends.

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