"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, January 12, 2009

Links of the Day

2008 in Film Video Retrospective - From Dark Horizons is a great collage of many of the films that came out in 2008 including the good, the bad and the ugly. Click the link to get options to download high quality versions of just enjoy the YouTube video below.

2009 Golden Globe Winners - While the process is a farce considering that the "journalists" comprising the voters are a bunch of nobodies with credentials extending to only have written a few articles a year, which by that standard means any blogger under the sun qualifies. However, the Globes are often used by the Oscar voters as a cheat sheet on who to vote for so they don't have to watch the movies themselves to make a decision. As a result the list of winners becomes more important then it should.

Democrats Cave on Burris - To the surprise of probably no one, Harry Reid once again caved to the pressure of potential bad press and made the decision to allow Roland Burris to have his Senate seat despite being the choice of corrupt Rod Blagojevich. One day Reid will grow a pair, but until then we all will pay the price as the Republicans run roughshod all over him.

Top 10 Bush Moments - From the David Letterman, a video of top 10 Bush being stupid moments.

Weekend Box Office - A 14% increase over last year meant a busy weekend in movies considering its January when normally people don't bother going to the movies. Clint Eastwood hit a career high with a $29 million take for Gran Torino (excellent movie). Bride Wars took second with $21.5 million despite horrible reviews from critics. Horror flick The Unborn got third with $21.1 surprising result considering it doesn't have big names fueling it. Marley and Me took a nose dive to fourth and #221.4 million and Benjamin Button (it was alright, nothing special to me) rounds out the top five with $9.5.

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