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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Links of the Day

ScotteVest Blog - I have one of their coats of many pockets and considering getting a new one. The problem I have in choosing is I am very picky on coat choices as I am hot natured (don't even own long sleeve shirts) so looking for a lightweight, non-lint collecting coat that essentially be worn anytime (like my current one). I want to touch, feel and try on the clothing before buying but obviously can't do that. However, checking out this SeV blog, it’s temping to just pull the trigger. The use of a blog to sell your product, sell yourself (Scott, the CEO of the company), provide previews of upcoming products and just keep people in the loop so they feel invested is simply brilliant. It’s something that other companies should attempt as fans are the greatest advertiser any company can have. I was thinking giving the Tropical Weight Jacket a go, but based on the preview apparently it is not coming out in black. Any case, if you need some clothes, based on my experience you should give ScotteVest website a look. (No, this post was not solicited by anyone, just my opinion on the subject).

TV Guide Drops Youth Channels - As a sign that probably very soon TV Guide will be throwing in the towel, it has stopped publishing the listings for youth oriented channels like CW and MTV while keeping listings such as QVC. Supposedly space issues are the reason but it seems they allocated more space to some channels (plus more space for advertisements) so more then likely money changed hands to keep some channels on the grid while removing others. Basically it’s a big scheme and since it means I am now forced to look on line for my viewing information (iPhone app "What's On" is fantastic, PC or Yahoo Widget version is needed), I now have no reason to renew my subscription when it expires.

New Fast & Furious Trailer - The fourth in the franchise is coming and the new trailer provides a touch more of the story. I get the impression a character died or was hurt and know revenge is the goal. The action looks entertaining.

Steve Jobs on Medical Leave - A sign that all those health rumors where correct; the CEO of Apple is taking a break to recover. What this means for Apple is unknown but it seems no major innovations or products are in the pipeline currently (probably due to the economy) so timing wise it is probably perfect as it minimizes the impact of his absence considering how critical it seems he is for Apple. If only other CEO's where that important as it seems most just show up to collect their golden parachute.

Obama's Presidential Portrait - It was just taken yesterday and now available to all thanks to Obama being to first Presidential Portrait taken digitally. Obama has embraced technology where as Bush has not so what that will mean for policy is unknown but I expect good things.

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