"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Links of the Day

25 People at Heart of Economic Meltdown - If you want to know why Republicans and Democrats are not doing a whole lot of finger pointing, click the link for a breakdown of the major players involved in the current recession. What it comes down to is Clinton, pushed by Gramm, Dodd and others (all paid by bank lobbyists), and revoked a few major banking restrictions in his last year in office. Major banking players then took advantage of this money for nothing scheme and despite multiple warnings Bush and his fellow Republicans chose to ignore the warnings and just try to reap the benefits both financially and politically until the bubble finally burst.

Stimulus Showdown, or Craving - Rachel Maddow asks some rather important questions last night on her show, specifically why are the Democrats and Obama bending over backwards to appease Republicans who have made it clear that nothing short of failure will satisfy them. As far a Republicans are concerned, it’s in their best interest to try to make Obama fail whenever possible, regardless of the consequences so that they can use that to gain seats in 2010 and more in 2012. So knowing this, why do the Democrats continue to refuse to grow a pair and just do what they think is right? If Republicans want to kill the bill, make them do it in as publically embarrassing a way as possible. Quit letting them control congress, the bill and the discussions. Basically, Democrats need to stop being wussies.

More Jobs Cut, Consumer Confidence New Low - The hits keep coming as 11,500 job cuts where announced including 1,500 from Target, a sign that the hit on healthy companies in the retail sector as begun. Thanks to regular news like that, consumers continue to tighten their belts either because they don't have a job or assume they may not for long. The new Consumers Confidence index now fell to 37.7, a new all time low for the index.

Five G.I. Joe Posters - Click the link for new posters for the upcoming G.I. Joe summer movie. The posters basically show off not bad costumes. My favorite is Rachel Nichols (Scarlett) since it shows off that fabulous body...but then I have had a bit of a crush since her Alias days.

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