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Friday, January 30, 2009

Links of the Day

Pay Cap for Wall Street Executives - In a sign that Congress might get it...while not getting it, Sen. Clair McCaskill wants a salary cap for employees that get bailout money. The only problem is what instigated the call, billions in bonuses for Wall Street executives, is about bonuses. Unless the law includes that in the cap, then it’s an empty gesture. The multi-million dollar bonus system is killing American business and it needs to stop.

Ghost Rider Sequel in Works - Columbia Pictures is taking steps to do a sequel to the movie with Nicolas Cage returning as Johnny Blaze. I recently re-watched the movie. Sure it’s no comic masterpiece but it’s a fun popcorn movie so looking forward to the sequel.

Classic Removed From Coke - Way back when Coke tried to introduce a new formula called "New Coke". It didn't go well so they re-introduced the old version as "Coke Classic". Then they stopped making "New Coke" and kept the classic name. Finally, nearly 20 years later, they realized that calling it Coke classic is stupid. This is what executives get paid money to decide.

Colbert Report: The Audacity of Nope - Stephen Colbert rips into the Republicans for their uniform rejection for voting against a bailout package because its not 100% tax cuts like they think it should be. The amusing part is they claimed the bill is partisan despite multiple meetings with Obama and plenty of compromises on the bill. In essence they are saying "do it my help, or f you" and don't seem to care about what effect it may have on the American people.

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