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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Dr., Dr. Who vs Star Trek, OSHA, and Lego

New Doctor Who Tomorrow - The BBC has announced that it will air a special Doctor Who Confidential where the identity of Doctor 11 will be revealed. Apparently Serenity's Chiwetel Ejiofor is in the running and personally I have liked his previous work so hope he gets the nod. Any case BBC1 will air it at 5:35pm on Saturday where I am sure about two minutes later it will spread across the web.
Update: Matt Smith has been announced as Tennant's replacement. Yeah I don't know who he is either.

Star Trek vs Doctor Who - A very well done mash up of a Doctor Who episode from last season and some episode from the Original Series. It’s not done just with simply editing scenes together but using CGI manipulation to merge elements from one show to another (just as the Tardis on the Enterprise's teleporter pad).

OSHA Uselessness - Further sign of the incompetence and "Bush and business first" philosophy that infected all levels of government. OSHA's output decreased by 86% mostly thanks to OSHA director Edwin Foulke Jr. whose claim to fame is giving Bush lots of money and defending corporations from OSHA. His interest in running the department consisted of using it essentially as nap time during meetings. Typical Republicans, purposely assigning idiots to run government so they can then point and go "see, government doesn't work!"

Best Lego Stories of 2008 - Click the link for Gizmodo round-up of its Lego related stories of the last year with cool galleries and behind the scenes video.

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