"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, February 02, 2009

Links of the Day

Porn Interrupts Super Bowl - In Tucson, Arizona, Comcast subscribers got a shot of porn's Evan Stone private part for a porn scene from Club Jenna. The moment last about thirty seconds before switching back but I am sure many where floored with guys having homophobic heart attacks and women going "why isn't my husband that big?" I suspect a class action lawsuit is on the horizon. Any case to see what Tucson say, click the link above (NSFW).

Cash4Gold Scam - A report from a former employee talking about what a scam the company. Which I thought was pretty clear from the commercials. I mean think about it, they want you to send them potentially hundreds of dollars of gold stuff and you trust them to give you fair market value in return? Why in the world would they do that since they already got your gold jewelry. It’s a scam; avoid it, tell your friends to avoid it. You want to sell your stuff, go see a pawn broker; you might actually get more money that way.

Macy Cuts 7000 Jobs - It has now begun in earnest as the retail sector begins to shred jobs that will hit mostly the middle and lower classes in a huge way. For those thinking the bottom has been reached, all I can say is hunker down. But hey, if you listen to Limbaugh and friends, tax cuts will save the day because that’s what companies look at when laying off people - taxes, not profits. I am sure those tax cuts will help you while your not earning a pay check too because of lay offs.

Weekend Box Office - Taken (very entertaining) took the top spot with $24.6M forcing Mall Cop to second with $14.0M. The Uninvited took in $10.5M, Hotel for Dogs $8.7M and Gran Torino $8.6M. It looks like the Underworld franchise is done considering it only took in $7.2M. Inkheart took in $3.7M so that is probably the final nail in the coffin for movies based on children's fantasy books.

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