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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Links of the Day

Obama Limits Bailed Out Executive Pay - After wasting billions last year on bonuses to executives who clearly didn't do their jobs, Obama put a limit on executive pay to $500,000 on companies that accept bail out money. Now what isn't clear is if this includes all the different ways executive get their millions (bonuses, stock, incentive pay, commission, stipends, etc) or just straight up salary. On the plus side this move will probably get companies to think very carefully about asking for a handout now that those in charge will feel a pinch on their wallets which is the driving force behind their years of poor fiscal policy.

DTV Switch Changed from 2/17 to 6/12 - After years and who knows how much in advertising, the date to switch to digital TV has been pushed back to June 12th by Congress. Personally it seems like a waste of money to me as people have had years to prepare by this point and no matter how much they push it back there will always be people that will not take action until they are forced to.

Car Sales Plunge 37.1% - Now that job security has reached bottom, people have decided that buying new cars just isn't a priority now. As a result, car sales hit a 28 year low. The credit crunch, where banks are holding onto money, even bailout money in a tight clinch of death isn't helping. The big three experience the biggest drop but Toyota and Honda were also deeply hit. Sadly, it looks like Republicans are winning the day with their push for more tax cuts that will do little to stop the job cuts that are occurring.

Windows 7 Gets Lot of SKU's - It appears that Microsoft didn't learn its lesson with Vista as it once again invites consumer confusion with 6 different SKU's rather then the three that they should focus on (Home, Business, Ultimate). It's another in a long series of stupid decisions, so I can't say I am surprised.

Olivia Munn Jumps in Giant Pie - Hilarious video from Attack of the Show where Olivia Munn, wearing a sexy maid outfit, jumps into a giant pie. The aftermath video is also amusing.

Christian Bale Mashup Video - As all over the net, apparently Bale has a bit of a temper. On one hand, the lighting guy should not have tried to adjust a light during filming, as normally that is done between takes. On the other, his mistake could have been handled in a much more professional manner and just generally not productive and accomplishes nothing except making you look like an ass. This leads to the many mashups that have appeared online. Below is my favorite one so far which is NSFW due to F-bombs.

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