"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Links of the Day

Torchwood Season 3 Trailer - New season coming out of the darker side of the Doctor Who universe. It’s an acquired taste but makes for entertaining television.

Nintendo Training Video from 1991 - Amusing video that shows what a pain in the rear customers can really be as they demonstrate worse case scenarios when trying to help people. I just think its cool to see images of Nintendo and GameBoy games from back then, some of which I still own. My how the time has flown by and it just gets faster as you get older. Never believed that when I was a kid.

Violist vs. Beatboxer Duel - Click the link for two videos that shows Violinist Hilary Hahn and beatboxer Beardyman doing an impromptu duet/duel. Below is the second video from when the two got in their groove.

IMB Offers Moves to India...with Caveats - In a sign of the usual shit that passes as reporting, CNN.com reports on an IBM program that allows IBM's US workers the chance to move overseas where they are needed on the companies dime. The reporter, Karina Frayter, clearly just read the press release, emailed two people for a comment and called it a day without first asking the question of "what is the catch." After all, that would require real reporting skills. In this case, the catch is a massive salary cut as you get paid the local areas wage scale. This means that once you move there, moving back will be a bit of a challenge since you will not necessarily have the money to come back if things don't work out. Sigh, its lazy reporting like this that is why the internet and blogs have become new sources for information.

RIAA Lawyers Take DoJ Top Posts - As the photo shows and the link gets into details, previous RIAA lawyers, many of whom participated in the current war on consumers campaign have taken top DoJ posts. This means that other then being at the RIAA's beck and call, they will likely try to swing the departments focus and resources on RIAA and MPAA's wishes. Considering that Clinton sign the DMCA that has become such a bane on technology, what comes next will probably not be pretty.

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