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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Links of The Day

Retail Credit Card Losses Mount - The bad economic news continues, now extending to credit cards as retailer are learning people are not paying off their CC for cards specific to retailers (such as Wal-Mart). Funny how a solution that could be a lot of help, reasonable interest rates, is not considered an option. You would think credit card companies would rather get some of their money back rather than none of it.

How a CEO Can Live on 500k A Year - Obama plans to cut wages for executives whose companies accept bailout money to $500k a year and already there are complaints about how unfair it is that the tax payer don't want to foot their luxury lifestyle in New York. Consumerist offered some suggestions on how to cut those costs such as having the parents parent their children rather than nannies, maybe take less vacations, and just possible but that vacation home may not be a necessary expense.

Cut from Stimulus Bill - In an effort to appease Republicans who continue to twist the stimulus argument into something about pork rather than jobs, lots of needed programs where cut. Some examples include making federal building more energy efficient (think of the power, AC, etc saving costs in the long term, plus jobs created retrofitting the buildings), money to upgrade law enforcement agencies wireless options (god forbid they have easy access to information to help them do their jobs, plus jobs to create and maintain that wireless system), $100 million for FBI constructions (because who needs building jobs in a market where no one is building much), $122 to modernize Coast Guard icebreakers (because don't need jobs to do that nor do ships use the arctic to get around, oh wait they do), and so on and so forth. Tax cuts do not create jobs; I wish people would get that through their skulls.

Watchman Viral Campaign: The Keene Act - Another great video about Watchman that sets up some of the background for the film. If you see them you might have more understanding then those that don't. I just like the re-production of old style videos from the 70s.

Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer - Pretty good looking trailer for the game that will be based of Marvel's Civil War story arc from a year or so ago.

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