"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Links Of The Day

DesktopGaming Wallpapers - Currently down but when the site is back up, a good place to go for wallpaper based on video games through the 16 bit era. In the meantime, go here and here for examples of their work (including Legends of Zelda: Link to the Past on the left).

Peanut Corp Files for Bankruptcy - The company that is source of the national salmonella outbreak has filed for bankruptcy, more then likely to avoid the lawsuits that would have been coming and to keep the executives who made the decision that shortcuts in safety were the best way to go to pad the bottom line so they can get their bonuses. Good riddance, too bad all those workers not directly responsible will be out of their jobs.

Obama Collector's Coins Huge Rip-Off - Sure they have "celebrity" Montel Williams selling them, but sadly that isn't enough to verify their authenticity. Instead of being coins produced specifically to commemorate Obama's election, they are in fact poor quality stickers applied to regular coins. Yep, for $20 you can own 91 cents in change with color stickers in a plastic case. As far as scams go, it must be pretty profitable. Video here.

Judges Paid Millions - It turns out that sending kids to detention centers can be very profitable as two judges found out to the tune of $2.6 million. Essentially the judges were paid to keep the poorly maintained PA Child Care filled with teens so that the center could charge the state for services poorly rendered.

The Simpsons New Main Title - After 21 years, the Simpsons has finally updated its title sequence, apparently as a result of the show going to the widescreen HD format for HDTV transition starting this Sunday. Not bad, lot going on and much like the previous, easy to cut down depending if the show is going long.

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