"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Links of the Day

Stimulus Bill Signed by Obama - The $787 million stimulus bill, still smaller then Bush's $1.4T bill from 2001, is now signed into law. Now the wait begins. It will probably take at least 6 months before any potential is felt as the money works its way through the state government, lines the pockets of officials, and makes its way into companies hired to carry out the various projects the bill approves. In the meantime that extra $10 in tax savings should show up about late summer.

National Debt Chart - Click the link for an example of just how full of s$#@ Republicans are when they claim to be fiscally responsible. It is a myth that the stupid buy year after year despite zero proof of it. Republicans have NEVER been fiscally responsible. For current proof, see California, about to go bankrupt because they refuse to raise taxes despite the fact that 10s of thousands of workers are about to get laid off because the state doesn't have the money to pay them. They STILL insist tax cuts fix everything. How it makes money appear out of nowhere they have yet to explain.

Bristol Palin Interview - Funny how Palin has a "stay away from my children" policy except when it will get her national screen time. In an interview with Fox News (of course) the now 18 year old daughter talks about being a mom 10 years too early and finally says what common sense tells all of us but Bush, Palin and their base - that abstinence only education is not realistic. Well no $@#^! Why does it take personal experience to teach these idiots the obvious? As for Bristol, now that she is legal, damn that girl is gorgeous. If not for the child, she could have been a model. Too bad she probably also inherited her mom's brains.

Clinton Economic Record - The GOP likes to attack the Clinton years as proof of excess. Never understood why, everyone they represented (rich, corporations, etc) all benefited more under him then any president before or after.

Minutemen The Game - A throw back to the early 90s era of video games to help promote Watchman.

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