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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Links of the Day

What Is In the Foreclosure Plan? - A breakdown of some of the ideas in Obama's plan to get the country out of the housing foreclosure crisis that has brought banks to their knees and stopped the credit train that keeps many businesses going. To me any plan that doesn't include interest rate caps on credit cards and bank loans, while strongly encouraging re-negotiating loans at lower interest rates is plan doomed to fail.

Nintendo DSi for North America Dated - Nintendo DS version 3.0 is coming stateside on April 5th. The device will no longer play GB Advance games but will play all DS games and includes features such as cameras, voice recorder, music player, SD card slot and other features. It will retail for $170.

Track the Stimulus Bill Spending - A new website from the Obama administration attempts to keep his promise of increased transparency in the White House by launching the website Recovery.gov so people can see where those billions are going. A good start and hopefully a sign of more use of technology by the government.

The Legend of Chun-Li Clips - Five clips, none of them exactly confidence inducing footage. Moon Bloodgood is looking hot though.

Watchman Run Time, Clips, DVD Release Info - The Watchman marketing machine continues. With that is news the theatrical run of the movie is 2 hours 36 minutes, and a DVD director's cut is in the works that will be 3 hours 10 minutes. There will also be a 3 hour 25 minute cut with "Tales of the Black Freighter" footage to create a movie experience that as close to the book as possible. Also, clicking below is a bunch of clips from the movie coming out March 6th.
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4

Hypocrisy of a Republican - Keith Olbermann points out the hypocrisy of Eric Cantor and other GOPers. On one hand, they happily give up 800 billion to banks, a trillion to Iraq, etc but they have fits over the stimulus bill. They crow against the bill while in their home state issues press releases about what they did to bring that money to their states while not voting for the bill at all. In the case of Eric Cantor, he does all that and makes sure his wife got hold of some of that bailout money. Is there a time when a Republican isn't a hypocrite anymore?

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