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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Links of the Day

Watchmen Reviews - The movie made its world premiere in London so while the US is still under a gag order, the rest of the world isn't. Overall the reviews are consistently good. Even more surprising considering some are form fan boys who tend to be very harsh when judging comic movies. Click the link to read some and below is a video interview with Malin Ackerman, posted mostly because she is gorgeous (but I prefer the brunette look over the blonde).

iPhone App Management Solution - Sadly not real, but very cool. A nice interface to organize and manage your iPhone apps via iTunes so not constantly having to go through the pain in the rear process of moving a bunch of icons individually on the screen itself. It is something that Apple might want to look into but probably will not as they hate to acknowledge ideas that don't come from in house.

Harry Potter 6 Sneak Peek - From Australia (love the accent) is a video at the link that is a mixture of the teaser trailer and the cast talking about the movie.

Economic Hits Keep Coming - Sadly a series of reports prove that the economic mess isn't close to ending (thanks GOP!). Ritz Camera is filing for bankrupty again (no surprise considering their love of MSRP). Target experienced a 41% drop for Q4 which will likely stop new stores and lead to layoffs. Consumer confidence has hit a new record low with 37.4 for January, likely the result of the continued layoff news hitting every few days. Also a sign just how out of touch the GOP as they continue the "tax cuts" drum beat rather then play the "job creation, job security" song. Rich first I guess.

Palin Whines About the Press Again - More from Palin, now saying the press is out to destroy her. I guess those softball interviews where killer. I hope she continues the whining because then the argument becomes real simple about her qualifications for President - If she can't handle the press how do we expect her to handle the stress of the job? God what a vacant, shallow idiot, so much like Bush it’s frightening (but then even he can handle the press).

Kindle 2 Reviews - The new toy is out and the reviews are in. Overall, it’s an improvement over the first Kindle, best e-book reader around but no substitute for a good old fashion book, especially at its current price and inability to read in the dark.

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