"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Friday, February 27, 2009

Links of the Day

Action Comics #1 Auction - The rarest comic of them all, an un-restored Action Comics #1 is up for auction which may get $400,000. Makes you wish your grandfather had collected them with care.

Rocky Mountain News Closes - A sign of the times, the Rocky Mountain News has closed its doors. The newspapers industry is losing money across the board. The death knell was predicted to be about 10 years off; it is now looking close to five. I would be sorry but the newspapermen easily and without a fight conceded their territory to bloggers that do their jobs with a great deal more skill and often more research.

August 31st, 2010 - That is the date that the "combat mission" in Iraq will end. This isn't to say troops will not still be there, it just means that most of them will finally get to come home. The date was pushed back from May due to elections over the summer and the need to secure them. It’s a year later then I would prefer but better then the never ending war that McCain advocated. By that time, the Iraq war will have gone longer then both World Wars combined and have cost more.

50 Most Influential Games - Guinness World Records compiled a list of the video games that most influenced the industry. A list that is wide open to debate considering their core criteria seemed to be based on "hey I heard of that game", sales volume, and sequel volume. I assume the assumption is if lots of people bought em, then lots of companies used them as a source of inspiration for their games. Nonsense but whatever. Legend of Zelda would have been number one in my list.

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