"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, March 02, 2009

Links of the Day

Rick Santelli, Bought by Koch - Remember that rant from very wealthy Rick Santelli on the Stock Exchange floor where he equated everyone being in financial trouble as causing their own problems and any attempts to help them is wrong? It starting to appear his "Chicago Tea Party" rant was not nearly as spontaneous as it appears. Moments after that rant, websites went live (on domains bought months ago by leading Republican spin doctors), video was disseminated and articles were posted up on the right wings blogs. Essentially Santelli's rant was the launch of a major GOP campaign to try and stop Obama's plan to increase the taxes on the top 5% (like Santelli and ALL of the GOP's top leaders and talking heads) and sell it as something completely different (like the "Death Tax" campaign which only affected the top 2% but not sold that way). Hopefully more information will come out and discredit Santelli so that his CNBC contract isn't renewed.

Wondercon Terminator Panel - A convention was held this weekend and as part of that Terminator: Salvation and Watchmen had their own panel. Click the link for the report which includes a description of footage shown and some info from the Q&As at the panels.

Weekend Box Office - Overall a slow weekend in a run up to the Watchmen release which will likely be a record breaking weekend. The only questions are how much momentum will week 2 bring. Madea Goes to Jail took first with $16.5 million, Jonas Brothers is 2nd with $12.7M, Slumdog, riding its Oscar wins took third with $12.1M. Taken sticks around at 4th with $9.9M crossing the $100M threshold.

Lego Mindstorm Ogre Tank - A cool video that shows off a fan made creation of a remote control Lego tank that fires off projectiles autonomously be scanning for a target then determining its left most and right most points so can find center for the strike.

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