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Monday, March 02, 2009

Links of the Day

RIAA Layoffs Tomorrow - In what is probably an exaggeration, sites are reporting that the RIAA, the music labels corporate entity that exists to protect their archaic business model by any means necessary, is finally feeling the financial pinch as 100+ are laid off. Normally I don't like news of people losing their jobs but I have to make an exception for this group. The speculation is this is the beginning of the end for the group but I doubt it. The name may change but the goals and the waste will continue for this group. You can't keep crappy, useless lawyers down.

New Terminator: Salvation Trailer and Screenshots - New screenshots from the movie that includes the cast and posters can be found here. The trailer can be found here. It looks pretty good. The future is pretty dismal and as presented in the trailer the odds sure do seem long for the humanity.

Dow Drops Below 7000 - The market has hit 1997 levels now as more bad news from AIG which reported a record $62 billion loss. Sadly it looks like it may be best to just let everything sink so can finish hitting bottom because the outlook is not bright.

Midway Selling Mortal Kombat to Preserve Bonuses - In another sign of just how out of control the bonus system has become for company executives, Midway is very close to going under yet the leadership of the company set aside $3.8 million in bonus money to be divided by 29 upper management members if they reach certain benchmarks such as selling off their franchises at fire sell prices before the company goes under. At the same time this is occurring they continue to lay off employees and screw them out of compensation such as owed paid time off. Its crap like this you wish was illegal but isn't.

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