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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Links of the Day

Apple Refreshes Computer Line - Without any fan fare, Apple announced that it has updated its Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and the Time Capsule to new specs and mostly the same prices. If you’re in the market for one it is good news, if you just bought one, my condolences.

Limbaugh, New Anointed Leader of the GOP - It is real simple if you’re a member of the GOP, don't insult rush or you have to kiss his ass for forgiveness. Supposed leader of the GOP Nation Committee Michael Steele made it known that he doesn’t support Limbaugh’s notion that the GOP's primary objective should be to have Obama fail. The fallout included Limbaugh tearing him a new one, his very public apology on CNN, and news that he could lose his job if he questions Limbaugh ever again. It is official - Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the GOP and determines the party’s agenda.

Auto Slump Continues - Sadly the automakers hit new lows as consumers continue to hunker down for the long haul since none of us (except the top 5%) are willing to assume that we will have a job from day to day or the resources to pay off big purchases such as a car. That isn't even the bad news for the auto companies. The real bad news is bottom probably has not been reached.

Watchman Review Round-up - A good summary of the mainstream media versus the online media when it comes to the movie. Online tend to be more aware of comics and superheroes so have embraced the movie while mainstream media's knowledge is limited to whatever movie they saw most recently. It seems depending on where you fall in that spectrum will dictate how much you like the movie. I just say go in wanting to be entertained and let the rest sort it out.

Narnia 3, Voyage of the Dawn Treader Sets Date - Fox and Walden Media have planted a flag on December 10th, 2010 as the intended release date of the next Narnia movie. The franchise almost ended but with a reduced budget and Fox's money things continue. At least someone at Fox has a brain and isn't trying to be too greedy. Prince Caspian failed because it simply didn't measure up to the summer competition but a Christmas release is traditional time for family and Oscar bait films making it perfect for movie goers looking for summer fair in the winter.

Amish Heater Review - Consumer reports tests the machine that while nice looking isn't worth the money. The "savings" is non-existent, the "magic" heat is generated from two 40 watt bulbs, and at its price it simple doesn't do as good a job as cheaper better space heaters. Basically it is expensive window dressing.

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