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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Links of the Day

The Daily Show Rips CNBC A New One - Jon Stewart was at his angry best as the show tore CNBC and Rich Santelli a new one. Some are saying the cause was a cancellation but I think that was just the genesis of the idea. I think Jon planned on tearing into Santelli for his narrowmindness (home owners at fault for everything) that does the usual of absolving the banks for their own behavior over the economy. When that target backed out (now looking smart to do it), the below brilliant segment was created. On the bright side, it probably will lead to CNBC to decline to renew Santelli's contract as PR is good, but bad PR is frowned upon and the issue has now officially become bad PR.

New Wolverine Trailer - The trailer that comes with Watchmen is now available online. Click the link to see it. Overall not bad looking even includes a young Cyclops in one segment. The Marvel back story is very rich and tragic at this point for Wolverine; it will be interesting to see how much of that makes it to the big screen.

Heroes Get 4th Season - In a surprising announcement, NBC has announced that Heroes is getting a 4th season order of 18-20 episodes despite a nearly 30% decline in ratings. The apparently reason for the decision is despite the ratings dip, the show is still one of NBC's top-rated show. I am glad for the news but it shows just how bad a shape the network is in now with no meaningful end in sight.

A Boy and His Blob In Action - The original NES game is making a comeback on the Wii and it appears to be retaining a lot of the game elements that made the original game fun. Only problem I see from the video is the play controls are going to need a lot of work as having to constantly "call" your blog so he gets in just the right position is going to get old real quick. A little AI on the part of the blob wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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