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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Links of the Day

Movable Power - Don't know why, I guess it’s the quiet genius of it, but really like the moveable power device. No clue on availability or price, but it’s a smart design that allows your power strip altered just in case a piece of furniture or the like is in the way. I can already think of a few places in my home that could use something like that.

New Arkham Asylum Trailer - New trailer for the upcoming game that looks pretty darn good. Unlike past trailers, this one seems to show in game play.

Mexico-US Border Citizen Guards - An interesting article about citizens monitoring the webcams that align some of the border. Personally I am all for walls and people keep a look out as too much of anything is bad and right now we have way too much uncontrolled illegal immigration. Everything in moderation is good (as the real estate burst has proven). Besides, the new problem has become a stream of drugs and weapons into the country from the border and I think the US has more than enough of that too.

Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Summary - Most people have enough sense to simply ignore Jon Stewart when he skewers you as he and everyone else will forget about it within a news cycle. Not Jim Cramer. He kept the story alive for nearly a week appearing on NBC programs to defend himself and his network. Tonight that comes to head in an interview on the Daily Show that will be rather tame overall as Jon Stewart tends to ask solid questions but not demand solid responses. Anyway click the link for the videos that summary the whole mess.

Scarlett Johansson Signed Up for Iron Man 2 - The Black Widow has been cast and she will be played by arguably one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Ironically they are saying she signed up on a bad deal, apparently forgetting that signing up for multiple movies doesn't mean anything since the pay for each gets re-negotiated each time.

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