"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Links of the Day

Pope: Condoms Bad - Could the Catholic Church be more infantile? His response to avoid getting AIDS is just don't have sex until marriage and don't use condoms. Technically, sure he is correct; the problem is it doesn't take human nature into account. Ironic considering the religion would even exist if not for human nature (re: original sin among others). I am all for abstinence education, just not the "only" part. Any approach has to take into account that people are going to do it anyway so take some precautions. It is not science, just common sense.

iPhone 3.0 OS Announced - For release at some point in the summer of '09, Apple had an event to provide some details on new edition of the software. Most of the new toys are under the hood for developers but a few new toys for laymen such as copy and paste, gaming over Bluetooth, music over Bluetooth, tethering, parental controls, voice memos app, improved stock app, landscape view for text, mail, etc, and improved search functionality. Click the link for the details.

Music Downloads 33% of US Sales - As a sign of just how stupid the war on downloaders is for the RIAA, the number of buyers of online music climbed from 28M to 36M in 2008. The consequence, of course, is 17 million stopped buying CDs altogether, which is where collusion and overpricing is where most of the profits for music companies came from. Now, on noes, quality is king when singles are primary form of purchasing. Of note though is overall music purchases have declined (relating to quality) but some of that has to do with increased means to get to music. For example Pandora doubled in size over last year and 50% of teens get music from MySpace, Facebook, etc. Personally, current music is mostly such crap that I have turned to older music for my listening pleasure so new purchases just not necessary.

7 Movies Based On A True Story (But Isn't) - Seven solid examples of why you should never believe "based on a true story" when looking at movie options. Pursuit of Happyness, the Will Smith movie, the guy more or less abandoned his child for a while and abused his mother. 21, the team was mostly Asian with the leader being a cross dressing professor. Lean On Me, Joe Clark was a principle at a school but test scores never improved, the school was not under threat from the state, and one year after the movie came out he resigned and a year after that the state did take over the place. In Rudy, the coach was the bad guy but in real life Dan Devine was the one that insisted Rudy plan and the reason the movie was made was because the real life Rudy spent years trying to get Hollywood to tell "his" story. Basically Rudy is a douche.

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